Autumn Term Patchwork classes start this month

Over the summer I have been busy writing the lesson notes for the Autumn Term Patchwork classes.  It’s lots of fun, but also quite scary as well – because I want to be sure that people will understand what I write, will enjoy what I am teaching but most of all will gain confidence and achieve something special.

The lesson plan for this term is quite interesting – we will be making a block which goes by the amazing title of “Original Harmonic Convergence” – Gosh!  What a title!  It was devised by a super Texan quilter and musician, Ricky Tims.

The design involves taking 4 pieces of fabric, cutting them into different width strips, putting them back together, turning it through 90° then doing it all again!  Very simple, but amazingly effective.

rainy day harmonic convergence

Harmonic Convergence

I made one some years ago, but actually made 4 panels and put them together then appliqued umbrellas over the top and added quilting to represent rain falling onto the umbrellas.  It is still one of my favourite quilts.

The gold of the sun is the centre of the quilt.  I made 4 blocks the same, then rotated each so that the gold made the centre of the whole quilt.

If you fancy making a quilt like this then there are still a few spaces on the Autumn term course – come and join us!

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