Hand Dyed Fabrics

I love hand dyed fabrics – the way they look, the textures, the variety of  tone and hue.  I love the mess and the result.  If you look at my earlier blog on dyeing you’ll see what I mean.

I have attended a workshop recently on Natural Dyeing.  It was really interesting to see what plants could be used, the different mordants and the various processes.  It is amazing that one plant can create so many different colours just by using different mordants.  A mordant is a product that helps the dye bond with the fabric.  Typical mordants would be alum, iron and copper.

Previously I have generally used Procion dyes – and have loved using them.  But, what do you think?  Would you prefer natural dyes, with their uniqueness and variety?  Or chemical dyes where you can more readily guarantee colour and light-fastness?  Please let me know!