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Today is the day to make the first cut!

Today is the day to stop looking at my beautiful hand dyed fabrics and start cutting them up!  Does anyone else find it hard to make that first cut into a piece of fabric?

2-RIMG0025Well here they are – looking beautiful, don’t you think?  I do like the way that they look together so I am very excited by how they will work within my quilt idea.  I know that in an ideal world I will have sketched out ideas, and auditioned fabrics and colours, but I am very much a “just leap over the precipice and see” sort of person when it comes to making quilts.  It’s an adventure and shouldn’t be over-analysed at the planning stage.

1-RIMG0027Well, I managed it and got my trusty rotary cutter, ruler and board out and made that first cut.  I have cut the hearth squares out of the magenta and just a couple of strips of each of the other colours ready to build the log cabin blocks.  I know some people like to do all the cutting at one go, and be very precise over cutting individual pieces but with log cabin I prefer to cut strips and trim to size when I have added them.  How do you make your log cabin blocks?  Can you just spot the safety pin on the left hand side?  I have pinned the strips of each shade together with a safety pin and then joined all the safety pins together on an extra bigger pin so that  I won’t lose any pieces – let’s see how that works!

Well, have to go out now – a friend is having a book signing and I really want to go and pick one up – “The Lazy Optimist” by Martin Gladdish – I think it is going to be one of 2013’s best business books.  Get a copy and let me know what you think!

I’ll let you know how the sewing goes later!