Profile or “all about me”

I expect you are wanting to know a little bit of something about me!

I am an experienced quiltmaker and teacher.  I have been sewing since childhood and sharing my knowledge with others for many years.

It was my Great Aunt Mary (Mary the Great!) that started me off  on the path to becoming a good stitcher.

Auntie Mary

It had been strongly suggested at school that I didn’t continue with the sewing classes, after I cut my skirt along the fold line of the pattern, made a pigs ear of the french seams in the nightie and did who knows what damage to the domestic science apron (all we had to do was hem it and chain stitch our initials!).  Those were the 3 projects for that year!  Dismal!  But I went home, told Auntie Mary about it and in a weekend she taught me more than I had learnt in the whole year.  And inspired me to create things of beauty!  I entered – and got first prize in the dressmaking competition at school the next year!

My initial interest in quilts came from the Laura Ashley patchwork packs from the 1970s and 80s.  Laura Ashley fed my passion for colour by selling me various bags of fabric – off-cuts, pre-cut hexagons – the lot, and with these I started my journey into quilt making.

As a primary school teacher in the 80s I ran quilting clubs and worked with the children to create items for school fetes and the like.  At this time I was a teacher member of the Quilters’ Guild and supported the Young Quilters team with a variety of workshops.  I am no longer involved with Young Quilters – my current role within the Quilters’ Guild is as Festival of Quilts Officer – do come and say hello if you are visiting Festival.  I’ll be the harassed-looking person on the Guild desk!

I began to make quilts seriously in 1995 after I first attended a workshop taught by Judith Wilson.  I then attended a number of courses taught by Judith over the next few years, and following on from these successfully completed the City & Guilds Certificate in Craft and Design (Patchwork & Quilting) at Missenden Abbey taught by Barbara Weeks.   I have recently successfully completed the City & Guilds Diploma in Craft and Design (Patchwork & Quilting) at Missenden Abbey taught by Janice Gunner.

I have been influenced by the quilts exhibited at The American Museum, Bath and the V&A; and by many different quilters, a few of whom are listed in the Links section of this website.  My inspiration comes from the natural world, folk traditions, story and music.

This adventure in craft and design, through quiltmaking, has led both directly and indirectly to some of the pieces on this website.

In addition to the variety of whole and half day classes listed, I am currently teaching termly classes in Machine Patchwork in Watford and in Letchworth and online classes & workshops too.  I am happy to travel to groups to teach workshops or give talks.

In addition to finding my courses listed here, on my own website, I list my courses on a website called You can find them listed here, and if you have been on one of my courses if you would like to leave a review for me, it would be just wonderful.  Having reviews on the website helps my visibility, so I would be grateful for a few minutes of your time.