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Green Man Quilts is the creative home of Sheena Roberts.  That’s me!  I have been sewing since I was tiny and creating patchwork quilts for almost as long.

Have you ever wanted to make a quilt?  The interest in being creative has grown a huge amount over the past few years with television programmes like The Great British Bake Off, Kirstie’s Handmade Britain and The Great British Sewing Bee, but although programmes like this are great, where do you start?  It looks so easy when they do it, but do you find yourself thinking “What if I do it wrong?”, “What if it’s harder than I thought?”, “What if I buy the material and then it’s wasted?”

These questions are all perfectly normal and it’s hearing people ask these questions that made me put together a variety of programmes that can help.  Are you

  • enthusiastic, but concerned about your skill level?
  • in need of support to get the best out of your sewing machine?
  • not always sure that your fabric choices work as well as they should?
  • wanting help to achieve what is in your mind?

I didn’t start off being a confident seamstress, in fact, I was all but thrown out of the class at school but I had someone who did not give up on me – and that has influenced me and I want to “pass that forward”.

My passion is in sharing skills – through classes, intimate groups and individual tuition.  I am based in Watford and run classes online and in Hertfordshire.  I can also come to you – though it will be via Zoom for now!

I would love to share that passion with you

Do have a good nosey around my website!  A little tip – If you click on menu headings you will be taken to an introductory page, and then there are the other pages that are listed below the heading as well.

Just to let you know, there are no tracking cookies active on this site, and I do not store any information here. If you choose to sign up to my newsletter – and I do hope you will – you will be taken direct to my newsletter sign up sheet and your email address will be stored in a totally GDPR compliant fashion over there. As a thank you, you will receive my totally unique Wadding Chooser – if you are having problems deciding which wadding to choose for your project then this is for you!