Come to the wonderful Lickey Hills with Green Man Quilts

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Lickey Hills

Come to the wonderful Lickey Hills with Green Man Quilts!  They were once a Royal Hunting reserve belonging to the Manor of Bromsgrove.  The Hills now form a country park just outside Birmingham, and is a great place for a day out.  According to legend, the Devil and his accomplice, named Harry-ca-nab, used to hunt wild boar in the Lickey Hills, mounted on white bulls. 

Hillscourt Hotel and Conference Centre

Hillscourt Hotel and Conference Centre

Hillscourt is a fab hotel and conference centre overlooking the Lickey Hills.

But we will be too busy for days out!  We will be stitching, chatting and eating our way through the weekend!

Bar area

Have you ever tried putting a sleeve into a dress, where the side seams of the dress and the sleeve are already sewn up?  Creating an inset circle in patchwork is like that!  It is fiddly, frustrating, guaranteed to generate tucks and puckers where you least want – oh, and did I say frustrating?

Inset Circle

What would you say if I told you that I could teach you a way that is fuss-free, that is forgiving, that doesn’t require those oh-so-precise measurements?  How much bigger does the inset circle have to be than the aperture?  Are you sure it’s bigger, not smaller?  Oh, maybe I will just applique it instead!  But I don’t want the raw edge showing!

Seriously, I’ve got you covered!

Organic shapes inset into a heather background

Organic shapes inset into a heather background

Join me at Hillscourt – April 19th – 21st.  There will be just 10 of you (so lots of help and support), it’s a super venue and easy to access.  During this weekend I will help you to design a small wall hanging using inset shapes, and show you this fuss-free way of achieving beautiful inset shapes.  I will help you plan and begin your quilting, show you ways of binding or facing it, and ensure that you leave with all the information you need to successfully complete your project.

What say you?  Are you up for the challenge?

Let me know.

More details and booking info here


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