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by | Nov 14, 2022 | Perfect patchwork | 1 comment

There is little that I love more than getting notification that one of my past students has signed up for one of my freebies.  It is all about Sharing the love!

There are lots of reasons why students become past students, sometimes it is a temporary thing as quilting season is overtaken by gardening season!  Or that grandparent duties interfere with creative times.  Sometimes the student has developed to such an extent that they need a different tutor, or no tutor at all – and that is a fabulous feeling.  My caterpillars turn into butterflies and off they fly.

But for as long as they choose, they all have a place in my heart and in my Graduates group where they can drop in and ask for help and advice.

Today, I heard from a student that I “lost” due to Covid times – classes ended and during the time that we were not meeting life got in the way and she hasn’t managed to find her way back (yet!) but I have had some super photos of things she has created, and today I had a notification that she had signed up for my Four-Card-Trick Table Runner pattern  I can’t wait to see what she creates with the pattern.  It is all about sharing the love.

If you fancy giving it a try, you can find it here .

And please know, that I always love to see what you are making, to catch up with your news, and just to generally be in touch.  You are all special and important to me x

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  1. Gwyneth Jones

    Just completing my course with Sheena at The Settlement in Letchworth. Love it! This was my first attempt at patchwork and quilting and, Sheena had to be very patient with me as a complete novice! She was always there when I called “Miss, Miss!” and was very happy to show and explain next steps and, on occasion, get me out of trouble. I am very happy with the autumn colours quilt I have made which has already been much admired. Thank you Sheena xxx


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