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Hello, and welcome to the blog!

I thought that I would start off by telling you about Green Man Quilts – how we started, where the name came from and anything else that comes into my head.  This could be a bit of “Stream of Consciousness” stuff, but, despite that, I will try and make it interesting!

The first module on my City and Guilds Certificate course was “Colour from Culture”.  We had to think of a theme that fit.  My  choice was the Green Man.  I have been involved in traditional folk music and traditions for a long time and loved the link between the music and the traditions, and all those amazing gargoyles and foliate heads you see carved into stonework.   The first thing we did was dye fabrics to match our colour scheme – and that’s where my love of dyeing started! We learnt to focus down onto a part of an image and extract an element.  I ended up focused on the beautiful curves of the eyebrow on the little Green Man plaque that I had. 

One of the earliest pieces that I made on the course was a lovely piece of shadow applique.  It used some of my hand dyed cottons and a sheer layer of silk gauze.

I loved the idea of creating a business around quilting.  It made perfect sense to use all my training, qualifications and experience as a teacher to focus on the teaching side of things rather than the craft market side.  And it all just slotted into place!  Green Man Quilts was born.  The shadow applique was my logo/brand or whatever through until 2020 when I had a new logo designed.  And I have been teaching and talking ever since!

Now you know!!


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